D2L (Desire2Learn) HESS/E&I Contract

D2L was our very first HESS/E&I partnership contract and shows D2L's commitment to higher education.  

After a very thorough solicitation process with an RFP team of member institution technology leaders, D2L, Ltd. (formerly Desire2Learn) and their new Brightspace learning management software (LMS) system has been selected as HESS/E&I’s learning management software contract provider.

It was clear to the RFP team made up of HESS institutions that D2L, with their new cloud-native Brightspace software, is an emerging leader in the LMS market today. They showed our team that they were looking to partner in order to build success for colleges and universities, as well as dedicate themselves to current and new customers in long-term affordability. Current D2L customers will also be able to take advantage of this new contract as their current contract terms expire.

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Check out this video below for a comprehensive overview of the benefits to HESS/ E&I’s new contract with D2L!



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